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Spoken English Classes in Patna.

Oxfame Institute is a leading English language institute in Patna, Bihar, India that offers writing, reading, and speaking courses.  For more than two decades, we have specialized in the education industry, offering customized English language courses that provide excellent content in a comfortable learning environment. We devote ourselves to improving our students' English language speaking ability by using modern teaching methods. Fluency in English is extremely essential for the present changing trends in international business and trade.


From Director Desk

Yaqub Ashrafi

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yaqub Ashrafi and I am the only Faculty at OXFAME. I have a Master's degree in English. I have taught English to thousands of students just like you from all parts. 

My experience has shown that learning English can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Speaking English opens the doors to many professional opportunities, including increased income and prestige, and greater mobility in the business world. 

From colleges throughout the world to business meetings everywhere, English is without a doubt the international language of communication. The ability to speak English is truly the ticket to increased prosperity and personal advancement. 

But many students like you have already tried to speak English without any success. They have tried course after course and year after year only to end up with tears and frustration. Maybe you too have tried before but ended up with little results.

As a respected and dedicated teacher of English, this level of failure was one thing I could not bear to watch. 

So after much time and research, I decided to put every student’s frustration and unhappiness to an end. I decided to put together a complete English course that is fast, easy, fun and actually makes you speaking conversational English in record time!

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Our Vision

We aim to gain the trust of non English speaking students of all ages . Our vision is to establish ourselves as an educational organization that offers a steady flow of innovative English courses and services for a better professional future.

Our Mission

We wish to position Oxfame as the most prominent English spoken institute in India. We aim at giving the best quality English teaching at affordable prices .Our mission is to convert non- English speaking students into a confident English speaker